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Poker Books

Choosing from a vast range of Poker books to aid playing and winning is something that all good players do.

Mike Caro's Book of Poker Tells enjoys a key place when we talk of poker tells. It is similar in arrangement to the Harrington books in that you can take up chunks of information at a time. Each tell is treated in page or two in length. This book is great reading material for those times when you are seated alone for a few minutes.

Poker Books Recommended

There are 58 tells in as many chapters in Mike’s book. He has also desribed additional aural or sound tells. There are hundreds of black & white photographs to help show the tells. The tells are classified into three broad categories - tells from those who are unaware of their tells, tells from those who are aware of their tells (actors), and general tells. A play-along photo quiz appears at the end of the book. No doubt these quizzes actually do help you learn providing a new dimension altogether.

Book of Poker Tells remains the original book on poker tells and is still regarded the best. The readers would surely like it and it would help anyone's live poker game. Even if you can't pick up on other players' tells, it will help you stay away from giving tells in your own actions and mannerisms. You can also use the information in the book to intentionally confirm false tells to your opponents.

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