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Texas Hold’em Poker

In Texas Hold’em, it is good to know which cards are really good starting cards. To begin with there are the wired, connectors, suited, suited connectors and small gap cards.

Wired Cards are also called pocket pairs. The wired cards are two cards with the same value in the starting hands, such as two sevens. They are great as you can catch a third card to make a set and surprise your opponent. If you are playing very tight or conservatively, then do not play any wired pairs less than tens.

Connectors are two cards next to each other in numerical order. These are nice because they are the basis of a straight. Low value connectors are not thought as good, naturally, as 10 - Jack and higher.

Suited cards are two cards of the same suit, for instance, two spades. These form the base of a flush hand.

Suited Connectors are connectors and suited put together. A six and seven of diamonds is an example of suited connectors, which make the foundation for either a flush or a straight; or even a straight flush, the highest valued hand.

In Small Gap Cards, Gap refers to the number of spaces between the two cards you hold. If you have a king and a jack you have one gap, which is not bad. If you have a king and a five you have seven gaps, which is really bad. High value cards, such as 10 and up, that have small gaps between them are thus good starting hands.

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