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Poker Tells

Most people, even professionals have Poker Tells. It is up to you discover them, recognize them, and find out what they mean. The identical tells for one person may mean the exact opposite for another. On the other hand, the poker tells we discuss are pretty solid across the board. We recommend you read Mike Caro's Book of Tells, from the Poker Books section, if you wish to gain the best possible information, given the fact that he has done research his entire life on poker tells.

Looking Straight at You - During a vital moment of a hand, it usually means the players don't have a very good hand. They are observing your every reaction to see what you're going to do. They really donít want you to call or raise and typically, they are on a bluff hoping you will fold. The idea behind this is that the person doesn't look at you when they have a good hand, so if they are looking straight at you, they must not have a good hand. If you could think about the 2003 World Series of Poker, when Chris Moneymaker was all-in on the bluff of a lifetime, you'll surely notice his stone cold face.

If you look really hard, you can quickly tell that behind those glasses, he is staring Sam Farha right in the eyes. Sam Farha, in his expert wisdom, may have caught this at a nearer look. Definitely he had read "Caro's Book of Tells" and he should have known that it was highly probable that Chris Moneymaker was on a huge bluff. Nevertheless, in that particular case, Sam got caught up in questioning his O. K. hand and folded.

I wonder what he might of done if Moneymaker didn't have his sunglasses on. We would never know, but we do know this, if a person is looking away from you, "Watch Out!!" This usually means they don't care what you do hence they don't need to pay attention. Further they don't want to deter you from calling or raising, so they look away.

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